Liss Announce Debut Album, Share Videos for Two New Songs

'I Guess Nothing Will Be the Same' was recorded before frontman Søren Holm's death last year

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 20, 2022

Danish pop band Liss have announced their debut album I Guess Nothing Will Be the Same, recorded prior to frontman Søren Holm's death last year. Set to be released in Holm's memory, the album is arriving June 10 via Escho and In Real Life

Alongside the album announcement, Liss have shared two videos for new singles "Country Fuckboy" and "Exist." Both videos are dedicated to Holm and feature footage of him and his bandmates. 

Holm passed in May of 2021, and though no cause of death was given at the time, Liss have now shared that Holm died by suicide. In a statement posted to the band's Instagram, Villads Tyrrestrup, Vilhelm Strange, and Tobias Hansen wrote:

Dear friends

It has been almost a year since we lost Søren and last wrote something here.

We want to say thank you for all the messages we have received since then, it means everything to us and Søren's family. We're proud that Søren was not only an important person to us, but that he has also meant something to so many people all over the world through his music.

It's hard to talk about what happened. Søren lost his life to suicide. While he had been struggling with his mental health for several years, his death was a huge shock to everyone around him. We still have a hard time understanding what has happened. Søren was an incredibly loving person who cared a lot about others, and you could always count on him when life was tough. He was the best friend one could ever dream of. We miss him every day, and we wish he had told us how he felt so that we could have helped him. The consequences of suicide are indescribably tough for those who are left behind. Losing a loved one in that way is not something we will ever get over. It is something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

Last spring, before Søren passed away, we had just finished a record which was ready for release. Writing our debut album has been a constant since we started Liss seven years ago. With the blessing and encouragement of Søren's family, we've decided to share that music with you over the coming months. These are songs that we have been working on for many years and that we have dreamed of releasing since we started Liss. Søren was incredibly proud of what we created together and he put so much life and soul into the music, which will live on forever.

Villads, Vilhelm and Tobias

See the videos for "Country Fuckboy" and "Exist," plus the I Guess Nothing Will Be the Same tracklist, below. 

I Guess Nothing Will Be the Same:

1. Country Fuckboy
2. Nobody Really Cares
3. Sure
4. We're Toxic
5. Boys in Movies [ft. Nilüfer Yanya]
6. We Made It
7. Exist
8. Dead Flower
9. Ice Melting
10. Turn Your Back on Me
11. Text Me Back

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