Limblifter "Hotel Knife" (video) (dir. Steve Bays)

Limblifter 'Hotel Knife' (video) (dir. Steve Bays)
Fresh off this year's Pacific Milk, reunited Vancouver alt-pop outfit Limblifter recently performed their song "Hotel Knife" for Exclaim! TV. Now, they've given the same tune a music video.

The video was directed in Berlin by Limblifter leader Ryan Dahle's Mounties bandmate Steve Bays. The visuals play off the hotel theme of the angular pop-rock song by showing Dahle wandering around a hotel, riding the elevator, playing the lobby piano, and singing into a toothbrush while blowdrying his hair. His Limblifter bandmates show up to help him perform, and the whole this is tweaked with shades of purple, yellow and blue.

Watch the clip below [via Indie88].