Lil Xan Show Cancelled After Man Threatens Him with Three AK-47s

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 12, 2018

From Flamin' Hot Cheetos to comedian Jon Daly, greatest living rapper Lil Xan has made some powerful enemies this year. Still, none of his naysayers have been quite as threatening as this young man with three AK-47s. In fact, the would-be gunman's seeming threats got a recent Lil Xan show cancelled.

According to TMZ, a man in St. Louis shared a vid where he was shooting bullets into a lake and offering veiled threats to Xan. "Lil Xan said he wants a fade with me. I'M COMING TO YO OWN SHOW TO SMACK TF OUT OF YOU TOMORROW OCT 10 AT @thepageantstl," he captioned the video, which can be viewed below.

The same dude posted the above photo on the day of Xan's show, writing, "hi Lil Xan see ya later at your show." In the pic, he's holding what looks like three AK-47s.

St. Louis police didn't look into the threats because no one reported them. That said, a rep for Lil Xan said, "It is our top priority, including the promoters and venue to ensure safety at every show. This was an old situation that has been taken care of internally. There is no reason to fear safety at any of Lil Xan's shows moving forward."

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