Lil B Held an Art Exhibit and Gave All His Work Away

Lil B Held an Art Exhibit and Gave All His Work Away
Though Lil B has  been gifting us "Rare Art" for years, the rapper held his first official art exhibition last weekend (May 5) at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

The MC's "Extremely Rare Photography and Art Collection Issue #1" saw him display a collection of his own original photography, in addition to signed magazine covers, print-outs and even the Casio keyboard he used to produce last year's Black Ken.

The Based God's blessings continued with Lil B giving away pieces included in the exhibit for free to those who attended, while also posing for photos and thanking them for coming out.

As Lil B told The Fader, putting on an art show was "something that I always wanted to do. I've been having all these photos and I wanted to premiere them and give them out to the people. At first, what I was really gonna do was sell them. But this is the best place, I feel like, for my art to be released into the world. If anywhere, it should start here."

When asked what prompted him to give the work away, Lil B replied, "Love. Respect. More human energy. Artistic inspiration. I want people to continue to be creative and to value creativity. Because I value everything that I gave away. Like I said, I was gonna sell it first, but I didn't because this is Berkeley, this is right. And this is history. You gotta give it away."

Find pictures of the event below.