Lil Uzi Vert's $24 Million Forehead Diamond Was Inspired by Lil B

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 4, 2021

Yesterday, Lil Uzi Vert shocked the internet by revealing a sizable diamond embedded in his forehead, which he says cost him $24 million USD. While some have since likened him to an anime character or a star of WandaVision, it appears the pricey implant inspiration actually came from Lil B.

In between fielding fans' questions and comments on Twitter, Uzi shared a screenshot of Lil B wearing a jewelled bindi in his 2012 music video for "Tiny Pants Bitch."

It's another look at Lil B's enduring influence on one of the genre's most colourful stars, who has claimed that the Bay Area icon's 101-song mixtape 05 Fuck Em "REALLY TAUGHT ME HOW TO RAP."
Upon learning of how his influence is now proudly displayed on Uzi's forehead, Lil B told HipHopDX, "That's love. Uzi is a legend and one of the G.O.A.T.S in music, so all real musicians pay respects to other artist that have impacted the culture. He inspires me too currently as we speak."

Uzi's jewel also caught the attention of Texas artist Sauce Walka, who debuted his own $250,000 diamond tear drop dermal face piercing last year. On Instagram, he accused the Eternal Atake rapper of "dick munching my style for 4-5 years."

As Uzi clarified upon revealing the diamond, the piercing still needs time to heal, which will lead the jewel to set properly. But experts naturally have questions and concerns.

Speaking with VICE, Brooklyn-based pro piercer Roman Reyes explained that the healing process could take three to six months and requires Uzi to wear the gem at all times, rinse the area twice daily with saline solution, dab dry and avoid touching it.

Reyes also shared an anecdote of his own. "I had a dermal myself in my arm," he said. "Every time I'd walk into something, or hit it on the edge of the wall, or get it stuck in my towel [it would hurt]. So they really got to be careful, within the first month I'd say. Once it heals, it's not a problem."

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