Liam Gallagher Shares More About His 'Definitely Maybe' Tour

“Can’t be singing 'Live Forever' 4songs into the set”

Photo: Stefan Brending

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 23, 2024

While Oasis is definitely maybe teasing something, it's highly unlikely that a reunion is near. That hasn't stopped Liam Gallagher from booking his own run of Definitely Maybe anniversary shows, and while Noel Gallagher was allegedly invited, the angry squirt has said he's hanging back.

UPDATE (5/23, 12 p.m. ET): Oasis have announced a Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary remastered reissue that includes demos, outtakes, live recordings and more. 

As the tour dates come closer, Gallagher has taken to Twitter X once again to spread the gospel according to Liam, sharing some insights on how it'll go. Foremostly, he's shared that the record won't be played in order.

One fan asked, "Liam will you sing the album following the original order of the tracks or will it be mixed up?" To which Gallagher replied, "Mixed up can't be singing live forever 4songs [sic] into the set." Fair, coming from Live Forever LG himself.

In response to someone asking if he'll be playing any solo material, he said, "Not a drop," and shared with another fan that he's most excited to play the track "I Will Believe." Gallagher has even commented on the length of the sets, writing, "I'm gonna start with 20 [songs] and if my voice holds up what ever the hipsters call it these days I'll up it to 30 then 40 then 50 I'll show them."

The Definitely Maybe tour begins on June 2 in Sheffield, UK, but Gallagher has no concept of time. "Seeing you in 10 days," one fan tweeted yesterday (May 22), to which he said, "Is it 10 days Fook."

Check out some of Gallagher's impromptu AMA of sorts below.

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