Liam Gallagher Claims "Angry Squirt" Noel Is Blocking Oasis Songs from His Documentary

"It's the only but [sic] of power he's got left"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 19, 2022

You'd never guess this in a million years, but Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher are once again feuding!

The former Gallagher (of the two, to be clear; he is definitely still a Gallagher) is claiming that his brother and former Oasis bandmate has blocked the use of the band's music from his upcoming documentary.

It's apparent that the whole Knebworth thing was a big deal for the Britpop outfit. In 1996, they played two colossal shows there at the peak of their popularity (although Noel says they're selling just as many records now).

Liam returned to Knebworth this year as a solo act for another pair of massive concerts, playing selections from the Oasis catalogue as well as his recent solo album C'mon You Know to 170,000 people each night. As this was, again, kind of an impressive feat, Liam is making a documentary about it — but Noel is getting in the way.

"To have played to multiple generations at the same venue so many years apart was beyond Biblical. I'm so glad that we documented it," Liam told RadioX earlier this week. "Knebworth for me was and always will be a celebration of the fans as well as the music. Enjoy the film, and let's do it again in another 26 years."

You can expect Knebworth '22 to hit theatres on November 17, with streaming on Paramount+ to follow, but definitely, maybe don't anticipate hearing any Oasis songs in it. According to Liam, that "angry little squirt" brother of his is blocking the use of anything from the band's catalogue in the concert documentary — including footage of him performing "Live Forever" at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert.

The revelation comes how it usually does: through a series of whimsically indignant, punctuation-less and typo-riddled Liam Gallagher tweets. Answering a fan question about the Knebworth '22 set list, he wrote, "No oasis songs as the angry squirt has blocked them he also blocked the oasis I sang for Taylor Hawkins tribute he's a horrible little man."

The musician added in subsequent tweets that his brother is exercising the, again, little remaining power he has left: "he knows he's coasting into the oblivious."

Noel has yet to respond to Liam's claims, but if/when that happens, it will probably be in a similarly amusing fashion.

Enjoy the series of tweets below.

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