Laser "Do We All Feel It"

Laser 'Do We All Feel It'
Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger recently launched her new band Laser with producers Paul Pfisterer and Marty Kinack, and with an album called Night Driver due out early next year, they have rolled out the record's second teaser track: "Do We All Feel It."

The song is a catchy synth-pop number, which is anchored by a simmering groove made up of squelchy low end, twinkling arpeggiators and some dreamily cinematic tones. The whole thing becomes increasingly hypnotic once the beat settles in.

Lobsinger said in a statement, "This is a song about watching someone slowly destroy themselves while trying to protect yourself from how that feels. It's about the choice, the guilt and the fear."

Check out the song below, where you'll also find a simple video showing Lobsinger singing along while riding shotgun in a car.