Lana Del Rey Fans Are Pissed About the Radiohead Lawsuit

And they're throwing a #RadioheadIsOverParty
Lana Del Rey Fans Are Pissed About the Radiohead Lawsuit
Over the weekend, Lana Del Rey revealed that Radiohead are suing her for allegedly ripping off "Creep" on her Lust for Life track "Get Free." The singer maintains that her work was not inspired by Thom Yorke and co., and fans have been very vocal in their support of Del Rey on social media.
Her fans coined the hashtag #RadioheadIsOverParty and have been having a field day on Twitter attempting to take down the British rock band.
As BuzzFeed points out, they've also infiltrated the comment sections on Radiohead's official Facebook and Instagram pages.
See some of the enthusiastic fan response below.
Of course, some Radiohead fans have been brave enough to engage the Lana stans online.
Amidst an actual call of "Fuck Radiohead," Del Rey addressed the controversy onstage at her show in Denver last night (January 7), telling the audience that regardless of what happens in court, she remains a believer in the sentiment of the song — even if it gets taken down online and removed from future physical releases of the record.
During the performance in Denver, Del Rey also altered the lyrics to "Pretty When You Cry," seemingly directing the song at Radiohead. She sang: "I don't really mind it / I've got much more than that / Like my copyrights / I don't need that."
As previously reported, Del Rey offered Radiohead 40 percent of the publishing rights to "Get Free," but the band are apparently insisting on 100 percent ownership.
Radiohead, however, aren't entirely innocent when it comes to plagiarism lawsuits. Ironically enough, they were sued for lifting parts of "Creep" from the Hollies' 1972 song "The Air That I Breathe."

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