Lana Del Rey Says "Butt Hurt" Longtime Tour Manager Quit Weeks Before Coachella

"[He] randomly decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager… Never got a phone call probably never will."

Photo: Chuck Grant

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 17, 2024

Lana Del Rey was at Coachella, leaning on your shoulder, watching your husband swing in time. But actually, this year, she was headlining the main stage last Friday (April 12), marking her first performance at the festival since 2014. With guest appearances from Billie Eilish, Jon Batiste and Jack Antonoff, she didn't face this big moment in her career alone — but it sounds like some of her team may have fallen to the wayside in the process.

Many have commented that Del Rey looked and sounded a bit shaky on stage, and she's opened up about why in a new Instagram post, calling out her longtime tour manager for quitting weeks before Coachella. 

In a long caption thanking her collaborators and friends, she noted that she and her band had spent months rehearsing in a warehouse in Sylmar that was so cold the singer-songwriter caught laryngitis "that literally left just a few hours before" the performance. 

Another hiccup along the road to the fest was when her tour manager "quit for no reason after 15 years because he was butt hurt" that Wally Crowder, another player on Del Rey's team, was able to get "10 comped bikes for free."

According to the artist, her former tour manager also "randomly decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager." She wrote, "Never got a call probably never will. Still grateful for the 15 years though. No worries — 37 days was more than enough time to put together an entire headlining set all by ourselves. Not stressful at all."

See Del Rey's full post below. She'll be back at Coachella to kick off the second weekend this Friday (April 19). 

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