King Louie "Living in the Sky" (ft. Jessie Reyez)

King Louie 'Living in the Sky' (ft. Jessie Reyez)
Maybe it's due to the cloud-bound setting of the song itself, but King Louie's new "Living in the Sky" single has the Chiraq drilluminati figure spitting a little softer than we're accustomed to. Surrounded by acoustic guitars and airy backups from Toronto's Jessie Reyez, it makes for an uplifting experience.

The Moose-produced beat features the gentle strums of a nylon string guitar and the delicate tap of either a bongo or, more on-point with the travel narrative, a hollow leather suitcase. In the tune, Louie details long nights and long flights, heading through customs "trippin' like mushrooms," and keeping in touch with the fam over Skype calls.

The back end of the track lands into familiar territory, with a series of booms and circuit-breaking surges of electronic noise capping the cut.

You'll find the cloudy collaboration with Reyez and Moose down below.