Kai Samuels Drops Debut EP 'Ruby Lined & Right on Time'

It was recorded in a single day

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Aug 16, 2023

Exclaim! Class of 2023 graduate Kai Samuels has surprised us with their first EP. Ruby Lined & Right on Time is available to stream now.

Recorded in one day at Fort Rose studios in Hamilton, Ruby Lined & Right on Time draws on the raw power of musicians playing together in the same room. Samuels used that energy to tap multiple nails on the head, adding psych, neo-soul and funk flares to their self-proclaimed ADHD R&B.

All of this is delivered with a tongue-in-cheek coyness — if you know, you know: "If you're not laughing you're listening to it wrong!" Samuels tells Exclaim! "I'm talking a lot of shit in the lyrics and I hope the implied wink makes its way to the listener. If you hear these tunes on the dancefloor make sure you stretch, syncopation like this will have you aching come morning."

Listen to Ruby Lined & Right on Time below.

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