K-Rec "Body Party" (Ciara x Radiohead remix)

K-Rec 'Body Party' (Ciara x Radiohead remix)
Vancouver producer K-Rec delivered his Third Beach EP back in summer, but the West Coast DJ hasn't slowed down yet. He's ready to drop a new remix EP, and Exclaim.ca has you covered with an exclusive first listen.

Tackling Ciara's "Body Party" from the R&B singer's self-titled 2013 record, K-Rec breathes some new life into the track by partnering it with another unlikely tune. Radiohead fans will recognize "Pyramid Song" as the new foundation for the reworked number.

K-Rec adds a slick beat underneath to merge the two tracks, while Radiohead's piano line works surprisingly well with Ciara's sensual croons. He proves that odd pairings aren't always bad ones with the remixed track, and you can hear it for yourself below.

The remix comes from his forthcoming Hit-Pop Remixes EP, due out later this year.