Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Mental Health in New Documentary 'Seasons'

The first episode is streaming on YouTube now

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jan 27, 2020

The first episode of Justin Bieber's new documentary series Seasons, titled "Leaving the Spotlight," is now playing on YouTube. The doc sees the singer opening up about his personal life in a way he hasn't ever publicly shared before. From his mental health struggles to his relationship with his wife Hailey Bieber, Justin is giving his audience a deep look inside.

In the doc, we see Justin and his wife travelling back to his hometown Stratford, ON, to visit his old apartment and check out his old spots. Throughout, Justin and the other interviewees speak about the dark period of the singer's life in 2017 when he was forced to cancel his "Purpose" world tour due to struggles with his mental health and how he's changed now that he's doing much better.

"I think that being human is challenging for everybody," says Bieber. "I think that we're all struggling to some degree. We all have our individual pains and fears and anxieties, worries."

The documentary also sees appearances from Scooter Braun (and other members of Bieber's management team) recounting the years surrounding the tour cancellation.

"Early on in his career, we'd always say, 'Let's go for another one. Let's go for another one. Another hit. Another record. Another thing. Another tour.' Before Purpose, with Journals, I didn't want him to tour, I wanted him to get healthy," Braun says. "And then he got healthy and then we went on 'Purpose.' And then at the end, he was tired and said, 'Look, I need a break again.' And he took a break. He took a very long break."

The video ends on a high note though, with Bieber looking positively toward the future and his forthcoming album and tour.

"My life is changing a lot," Justin says in the video. "Getting married, getting back in the studio. Talking about getting married, like, just writing about the process and just being creative with being in this new chapter, and being happy about what I'm doing and not like, I don't know, just being in a good headspace. Better headspace."

Seasons premiered today. The 10-part series is available to stream via YouTube now, with new episodes landing every Monday and Wednesday at noon EST.

Watch the first episode below.

As previously reported, Bieber is releasing his new album in 2020, and he's heading out on a big North American tour. Plus, he recently released his new single "Yummy."

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