​Justin Bieber Gets Museum Exhibit in Hometown of Stratford

​Justin Bieber Gets Museum Exhibit in Hometown of Stratford
Photo: Rick Clifford
Justin Bieber will be honoured with a new museum exhibit in his hometown of Stratford, ON next month.
That's right, fans who were disappointed by the cancellation of the singing sensation's "Purpose World Tour" last year can instead travel to his childhood hometown to peruse an array of memorabilia from before the Biebs hit the big time.
Dubbed "Steps to Stardom," the exhibit will open at the Stratford Perth Museum on February 19. The title makes reference to the steps of the Avon Theatre, where a young Bieber started out busking.
According to the museum's general manager, John Kastner, the exhibit was given the green light by Bieber himself over a meeting at a Tim Hortons in Stratford. The star's grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, are also on board and have donated a number of items to be put on display.
Amongst the collection of personal and professional memorabilia featured in "Steps to Stardoms" are items like Bieber's old hockey bag and Stratford Warriors junior hockey jersey, running shoes, T-shirts, letters, photographs, microphones and backstage credentials.

His Grammy, Emmy and Teen Choice awards will also be part of the exhibit, as will the platinum record for Bieber's 2009 debut album My World.

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