Destroyer/DIANA Member Joseph Shabason Announces Debut Solo Album

The music is "steeped in minimalism, jazz, ambient music, and a touch of pop melodicism"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 13, 2017

While he's known for his role in Destroyer and DIANA, Joseph Shabason's solo work is largely antithetical to his work with the aforementioned projects. Now, the musician will shine a light on his individual talents with his debut album.

Titled Aytche, the record will arrive August 25 through Western Vinyl. Nine tracks in length, Aytche is said to be "steeped in minimalism, jazz, ambient music, and a touch of pop melodicism." The predominantly instrumental effort finds Shabason dealing with themes of degenerative illness and assisted suicide.

Though Shabason intended for Aytche to be heard with Brian Eno's "as ignorable as it is interesting" approach to ambient music, it's hardly the case with his saxophone playing, having used a battery of effects pedals to change the texture of his instrument.

"So much sax music is about chops, and being able to solo really fast," Shabason said in a statement. "I feel like robbing the sax of the ability to shred by effecting it and turning it into a dense chordal instrument really helps the instrument become something that it's not usually known for."

Read through the tracklist for Aytche and hear the title track in the player below.


1. Looking Forward To Something, Dude 
2. Aytche 
3. Neil McCauley 
4. Smokestack 
5. Tite Cycle 
6. Long Swim 
7. Westmeath 
8. Chopping Wood 
9. Belching Smoke

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