Jonathan Snipes "I Don't Race" ('Excess Flesh' teaser) (video)

Jonathan Snipes 'I Don't Race' ('Excess Flesh' teaser) (video)
Jonathan Snipes has kept things creepy with scores to Starry Eyes and Room 237, as well as with his beatsmithing for experimental rap outfit clipping. Now, he's delivered a twisted sneak peek of his score to the upcoming Excess Flesh via a choreographed torture scene from the film.

The clip begins with the disturbing sight of a shackled woman (Mary Loveless) being abused and forced to dance by her roommate/captor. This soon gives way to a neon-lit fantasy scene where the victim is decidedly more in control of the situation. Here, Loveless stomps out a Soft Cell-styled electro-pop piece called "I Don't Race" alongside a troupe of subservient dancers. This is juxtaposed against back-to-reality projections of the entrapped woman vomiting.

Be warned: the mix of grim and glammy moments is pretty uncomfortable, but you can give the clip a peep below. Filmmaker Patrick Kennelly Excess Flesh premieres October 30 at Los Angeles' Downtown Independent theatre. You can find out more about the film over here.