'Room 237'/clipping.'s Jonathan Snipes to Release 'Starry Eyes' Score via Waxwork

'Room 237'/clipping.'s Jonathan Snipes to Release 'Starry Eyes' Score via Waxwork
Waxwork Records' small but potent back catalogue has focused on horror soundtracks of various vintages, but the label is now set to jump into modern times with the announcement of an upcoming release of Jonathan Snipes' score to Starry Eyes.

While the flick hit screens back in the spring, the upcoming vinyl edition of Snipes' score has yet to yield an official street date. Despite this, Waxwork is offering a pair of tracks in a new SoundCloud stream to help pump up the release. Down below, you'll find the stirring synth swells, faux-choir sounds and tension-filled ticks of "She Is Ready to Transform - Kissing Tracy" and the equally uncomfortable and ominous, Italo-styled pulse of the end credits.

Prior to Starry Eyes, a film focusing on a young actress's interactions with a shadowy, satanic Hollywood cult, Snipes helped deliver the score to conspiracy theory-heavy analysis of The Shining, Room 237. Music fans may also be familiar with the artist's twisted beatwork as part of conceptual hip-hop force clipping., who delivered their CLPPNG LP through Sub Pop back in June.

As for Waxwork, the label recently came through with its long-planned release of Chuck Cirino's Chopping Mall score, while the upcoming pressing of Harry Manfredini's Friday the 13th soundtrack will go on sale August 26. This is the first time Manfredini's full score will appear on vinyl.

Additionally, the label is in the midst of repressing their currently out-of-print re-releases of Re-Animator and Day of the Dead.