Johnny Jewel's Desire Give Their "Tears from Heaven" a Stunning Makeover

Johnny Jewel's Desire Give Their 'Tears from Heaven' a Stunning Makeover
While Johnny Jewel has been more than a little busy these days, the Italians Do It Better head has found time to return to his group Desire for a new single. The track is called "Tears from Heaven," and it's stunning, to say the least.

With Montreal singer Megan Louise taking centre stage, the song actually emerges as a revamped update of the Desire song of the same name from the After Dark 2 comp.

In a statement, Louise explained, "'Tears from Heaven' is a song about crossing the divide between being a voyeur on the sidelines of your own life and taking action to make your own destiny, the mundane obstacles of the daily routine are pushed aside for a clearer vision of what's to come."

Down below, you can hear the results for yourself. As you'll notice, the new version of the song packs a whole lot more synth-built muscle than its 2013 predecessor.

"Tears from Heaven" is now out digitally, with the single also including an a cappella version, which you can also hear below.

At this point, Desire's sole album remains 2009's II, but hopefully this new song means another new LP is in the works.