John Jacob Magistery "Carol" (video)

John Jacob Magistery 'Carol' (video)
Montreal's John Jacob Magistery are readying their debut full-length Phantom i/Are you too sensitive? for release this summer, but before it arrives, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first look at the brand new video for album cut "Carol."
The track showcases the band's penchant for alt-folk that blends the beautiful with the dystopian, and the new video adds some extra drama to the song. The music opens sparse and melancholic, but once the whole band get going in full swing, the action onscreen picks up as well.
The video was directed by Emile Lavoie, while filming and production was carried out by Martine Aimait Les Films. The clip stars John Jacob Magistery's singer and songwriter Johnny Griffin alongside Nastassia Markiewicz as actors rehearsing in an empty theatre — but the drama isn't limited to just the stage.
Phantom i/Are you too sensitive? is expected to arrive on July 1, but you can watch the clip for "Carol" right now. Just hit play below.