Joanna Newsom "Sprout and the Bean" (Covered by a Two-Year-Old)

Joanna Newsom 'Sprout and the Bean' (Covered by a Two-Year-Old)
You know, as celebrated as Joanna Newsom is, the girl's got a lot of flak from critics over the years decrying her sometimes child-like singing style. This video isn't going to do her favours.

Two-year-old Madeline totally kills it on her interpretation of Newsom's 2004 number "Sprout and the Bean," delivering a fairly convincing take on the artist's, ahem, "baby singing." (Madeline's words, not ours.) Plopped in front of her parents' laptop, the little munchkin mush-mouth's her way through the whole song with enough eccentric wails and adorable vocal turns to rival Newsom herself.

We'd say get Madeline a harp, but we'd feel bad if the massive-stringed instrument accidentally toppled onto the tot. Those things are huge, and kids can be so clumsy!

See the video below.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.