Joanna Newsom Is Performing at Kilby Block Party in 2024

After a surprise live performance alongside Fleet Foxes earlier this year, it looks like the beloved harpist is active again

BY Kaelen BellPublished Dec 5, 2023

Joanna Newsom fans lost their minds when it was revealed that Newsom was the surprise opener for Fleet Foxes at the Belasco in Los Angeles back in March. Not only did she perform, but she played new songs — five, to be exact — and it was her first live performance since 2020. 

While no one wanted to get their hopes up for a full-blown Newsom comeback, that dream feels a little more in reach with the news that Newsom will be performing at Salt Lake City's Kilby Block Party this coming May. Not an intimate, one-time-only concert with friends, but a regular ol' festival! 

Newsome will be performing alongside LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, Jai Paul, Courtney Barnett, the Postal Service and more — you can check out the festival's poster below. 

Newsom's last album was 2015's Divers

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