Jeffrey Lewis Returns with 'Manhattan'

Jeffrey Lewis Returns with 'Manhattan'
Reliably out-there folk pop dude Jeffrey Lewis hasn't released a new album in the last few years, but he's finally announced a full-length follow-up to his 2011 effort A Turn in the Dream-Song

The new Lewis album is called Manhattan, and sees him working with his backing band Los Bolts. Members include drummer Heather Wagner and bassist Caitlin Gray (also of Hooray for the Riff-Raff).

As its title might suggest, the album is inspired by New York City. Before it arrives in full, we get a taste of the release with the track "Outta Town." Stream it below.

Lewis said the song is about "how empty life feels when you are in a relationship and that person's not there, because you don't remember how to have a relationship with yourself, you broke up with yourself when you started dating the other person.  You have to learn how to start dating yourself all over again."

Rough Trade will issue Manhattan in full on October 30.


1. Scowling Crackhead Ian
2. Thunderstorm
3. Sad Screaming Old Man
4. Back To Manhattan
5. Avenue A, Shanghai, Hollywood
6. Outta Town
7. It Only Takes A Moment
8. Support Tours
9. Have A Baby
10. Atheist Mantis
11. The Pigeon