Jamie xx Announces Sophomore Solo Album 'In Waves,' Shares "Treat Each Other Right"

The album features Panda Bear, the Avalanches and Robyn, among others

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 4, 2024

At long last, producer Jamie xx has announced his second solo album. In Waves will arrive September 20 through Young, and the new single "Treat Each Other Right" is out now.

The album includes recent singles "Baddy on the Floor" and "It's So Good." The 2022 tracks "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" and "KILL DEM" aren't part of the main tracklist, but come on a bonus 12-inch (included in the deluxe LP package) along with a few other tracks.

Jamie brings the xx together on "Waited All Night," which features bandmates Romy and Oliver Sim. Other guests on the album include Panda Bear, the Avalanches and Robyn. Erykah Badu guests on the aforementioned bonus 12-inch.

This is the producer's first solo album since 2015's In Colour. Jamie said in a statement:

"It's been a while… and a lot has happened in that time. Ups and downs, growing up, figuring stuff out and then forgetting it all many times over. Life changing events and world changing events. These waves that we have all experienced together and alone. I wanted to make something fun, joyful and introspective all at once. The best moments on a dance floor are usually that for me."

Watch a video for "Treat Each Other Right," directed by Rosie Marks, below. Scroll past that to see In Waves' tracklist.

The album is available to pre-order here.

In Waves:

1. Wanna
2. Treat Each Other Right
3. Waited All Night (feat. Romy & Oliver Sim)
4. Baddy on the Floor (feat. Honey Dijon)
5. Dafodil (feat. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier & Panda Bear)
6. Still Summer
7. Life (feat. Robyn)
8. The Feeling I Get from You
9. Breather
10. All You Children (feat. the Avalanches)
11. Every Single Weekend (Interlude)
12. Falling Together (feat. Oona Doherty)

Bonus 12-Inch:

1. F U (feat. Erykah Badu)
2. It's So Good
3. Do Something
4. Let's Do It Again
5. Kill Dem

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