Is Jack White Teasing New Music?

Or is he just trolling us with a "peanut butter" rap?
Is Jack White Teasing New Music?
Photo: David James Swanson
Jack White is teasing something — or is he? The rocker has shared a cryptic post on Instagram, suggesting that something new might be on the way.

On Friday evening (May 28), White posted a short clip on his account @officialjackwhitelive. It contains a brief snippet of garbled, chopped-up music and this poem:

All the money for that movie,
Economic elephant,
He's breaking another,
Got enough money,
He's gonna break another.

The post is tagged with White's signature "III."

It seems distinctly like a teaser for new music, but there's a wrinkle: some users on the Jack White subreddit reversed the audio and found that it's actually a clip of the musician rapping something that sounds like: "Gotta make a better peanut butter, gotta make a peanut butter, gotta make an even better peanut butter."

So is he just trolling? Or is this some sort of curious oddment that he made in the course of working on a new album? After all, a rap song about peanut butter isn't all that much stranger than some of the material on his last solo album, 2018's experimental Boarding House Reach.

Check out both the original clip and the reversed version below.