The Horrible Crowes "Behold the Hurricane" (short film)

The Horrible Crowes 'Behold the Hurricane' (short film)
Following the release of the Horrible Crowes' first album Elsie, the band (led by Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon) have released a short film for the single "Behold the Hurricane."

In a statement, Fallon explained the video's narrative style, which intentionally excludes performance footage. "This song tells a pretty sad story, I didn't feel right about having two guys wailing away on guitars to tell it," he said. For the clip, the Horrible Crowes enlisted Corin Hardy to direct.

Fallon summed up the story told, stating, "We present to you a film of a man becoming lost."

Watch the video for the Horrible Crowes' "Behold the Hurricane" below.