Holy Hum "Appendix C"

Holy Hum 'Appendix C'
In case New Year's wrecked you to the point where you're just kind of lazing around your house wearing last night's clothes, clutching a Big Gulp-sized cup of Arabica and staring off into the first sunny morning of 2015 with the world's biggest hangover headache, Vancouver artist Andrew Lee might have an ambient cure-all for you. The Holy Hum leader has plucked tranquil sounds from the heavens themselves, and released it as the hour-long "Appendix C."

Prepped on his own with a couple of synths and guitars, Lee said in a statement that the track is dedicated to his late father, who passed away in the winter of 2011 following a battle with thyroid cancer. He explains: "It's a sad story and I don't need to tell it here but what I can say is that this experience, that winter, the landscape, the hospitals and all of the traveling on airplanes had a huge effect on me."

Despite the tragic conditions in which it was made, "Appendix C" comes across uplifting with its expansive, cottony clouds of synths reshaping themselves across the lengthy soundscape, which you can stream down below.

"Let this song be your soundtrack for exercising, your road trip, doing drugs, yoga, or having sex," Lee said, adding, "Or maybe it can help you sleep. I know for me it was really cathartic just making the music. All the best to you in the new year."