Hodgy Beats "deviledeggs" / "Nightmare" / "wintercoats"

Hodgy Beats 'deviledeggs' / 'Nightmare' / 'wintercoats'
Hodgy Beats is on a bit of a hot streak. Just one week after issuing a trio of singles through his SoundCloud account, the California rapper has returned with three more new tunes. They say three is the magic number, after all. You can hear his "deviledeggs," "Nightmare" and "wintercoats" now.

"deviledeggs" starts things off with a softly thumped kick drum and piano loops, with Hodgy highlighting his pescatarian diet, good manners, and how he's been writing rhymes 24/7 ("fingers-cramped, I'm ambidextrous").

"Nightmare" uses a vintage soul sample while Hodgy describes himself as a Kobe-style MVP ("I'm the most valuable player, Black Mamba"), though "wintercoats" has the rapper discussing all the skeletons in his closet.

As with last week, these are all described as "lofi" versions of the songs. You'll find them streaming down below.