Hodgy Beats "Misunderstood" / "Theset" / "Whogivesa"

Hodgy Beats 'Misunderstood' / 'Theset' / 'Whogivesa'
Continuing his run of loosies that started earlier last month, Cali MC Hodgy Beats has delivered another three-pack of tracks through SoundCloud.

Breaking down the three new drops, "Misunderstood" sees him rap over Lil Wayne's "Dontgetit" beat, "Theset" takes Harry Fraud's "Shotcaller" instrumental and "Whogivesa" puts him to the test over Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez and Knxwledge's "Killuminati."

Hodgy also revealed through Instagram that his recent drops will be released in proper sequence tomorrow (February 12). Hear all three tracks in the players below.