Headman On

Zurich-based DJ/producer Headman (aka Robi Insinna) has got it all going for him. He’s signed to dance music’s coolest label, Gomma; he has a side project called Manhead, in which he records for Trevor Jackson’s equally cool Output label; he’s virtually begged to do remixes for the likes of Annie, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Mylo, you name it; and from what it looks like, a number of hipster-approved singers have come knocking to provide vocals for his latest full-length, On. Primarily heavy on the disco, but not in the least restricted to any one style, Headman may simply be extending the life of what now seems like totally clichéd hipster music (i.e. exploiting the ’70s and ’80s), but he’s proving that horse isn’t quite dead yet. On may not trudge a radically different pattern from the usual disco-punk-funk principle, but he and his guests dig up a sufficient amount of gold that could bring about a sweaty dance floor. "Roh,” featuring Soulwax’s Stephen Dewaele, radiates a sexy vibe that is as oddball as it is erotic, while Fat Truckers’ Ben Rymer and Trash DJ Erol Alkan join forces for a comical electro/disco number that bumps both the club vibe and Headman’s ego. Unfortunately, disappoints arise with the Rapture’s Matt Safer, who steps up to the mic with an underwhelming vocal performance on "Balearica,” and Radio 4’s Anthony Roman, who peddles more of what people don’t want from his band any longer. But Headman’s positives far exceed his negatives and with this record he’s more often on than off. (Gomma)