Hag Face "Baby Doomers"

Hag Face 'Baby Doomers'
This week, Calgary punk quartet Hag Face will deliver their debut album R.I.P. Before it arrives in full, they've debuted a track from the album called "Baby Doomers."

Previous Hag Face outings have proven this quartet can go in a wide number of directions on any given recording, and "Baby Doomers" is no different. In place of ear-piercing, guttural growls, the song's built on creepy singing and a percussive, fucked-up post-punk rhythm section. Of course, it eventually devolves into an explosion of noise, but it's got a lot of structure throughout.

Listen to "Baby Doomers" below. R.I.P. arrives on September 11 via Psychic Handshake.