Grimes Calls Herself the Marie Antoinette of "Pop Stan Culture," Teases New Single

"back on the internet #sigh"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 29, 2021

The one and only Grimes is once again online: after saying she had literally zero interest in being famous anymore last week and calling her social media obligations "abusive" amid online hate, the artist born Claire Boucher is back with another TikTok video — and a tweet teasing a new single set to arrive later this week.

In the clip, she appears to be sitting on the floor of a bedroom, addressing the audience with a gold vape pen in her hand (which she takes a hit from just prior to the video's halfway point).

"Frankly, I've developed like, severe PTSD from public life," the pop experimentalist began, "which maybe everyone can kind of relate to right now?" Well, we are all living through a pandemic, but we're certainly experiencing it very differently.

Grimes then launched into some of the trauma she's gone through as of late, saying:

I've been dragged into literal geopolitical scandals on CNN; depositions; having my personal shit leaked by friends, which led to more depositions. I had stalkers showing up at my house, trying to kill me when I'm eight months pregnant and, you know, dragged into conspiracy theories about resource extraction and somehow ended up as some kind of Marie Antoinette-esque symbol for inequality in the pop stan community — which, frankly, is fairly entertaining and I'm not mad at that.

Okay, so it sounds like she's alright with being famous again as long as she's history's favourite villain. 

"Long story short, I've developed debilitating anxiety about being online," Grimes continued, adding that it's been "super annoying" for her label and her team. "If I'm going to succumb to my own personal anxieties, then what am I showing my kid, right?"

Experiencing anxiety isn't a moral failing though, Grimes — for that, you can look under "dating a billionaire."

In conclusion, the artist added:

So I'm back on the internet and I want to start speaking more about a lot of my crazy ideas, which I know make people super upset sometimes — but if it's morally wrong to be ideating about radical utopia, then how are we ever going to get radical utopia? Because it's not going to be from some existing form of government. [...] If you think I'm too privileged to be thinking about these ideas or speaking about these ideas, I would love nothing more than for everybody else to join me out here and literally prove me wrong.

She's moving on from Karl Marx to Thomas More, and we're all invited to engage in the debate.

What's more, Grimes just made her return to Twitter to tease what is presumably a new single entitled "Player of Games" — coming this Friday (December 3).

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