Go Behind the Scenes of Royal Wood's 'What Tomorrow Brings' with New Mini-Documentary

"It's been a long time coming," he says of the album that he has worked on since before the pandemic

Photo: Ryan Faist

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 28, 2022

A day before he hits the Massey Hall stage, Canadian singer-songwriter Royal Wood has shared a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary about the making of his latest album What Tomorrow Brings.

"There's that old saying, 'Make a plan and God laughs.' Things don't go as planned," the musician begins in the clip. "And when they do, there seems to be fortune and misfortune. And very much, that is this album."

The musician goes on to explain that What Tomorrow Brings was essentially ready to go before the pandemic hit, but without the possibility to tour the record amid lockdowns, he began revisiting it, reworking its songs and, for the "first time" in his life, truly finished the record, rather than "abandoning it."

The album found Wood teaming up remotely and in-person with Linda Perry, Simon Wilcox, Bill LeFleur — the Los Angeles-based producer who worked with Wood on The Burning Bright — Montreal-based producer Marcus Paquin (the National, Arcade Fire), mixer Tim Abraham, writer-producer Jamie Scott (Ed Sheeran, One Direction) and more. A group effort, Wood describes the album as having "a lot of hands in [the] kitchen."

"I think I'm most excited to get this record out into the world [because] I want people to hear it," he says in the doc. "It's been a long time coming ... I just want to tour it. Most importantly I want to step on that stage at Massey Hall again on October 29 and play these songs for people."

You can get tickets to the Massey Hall performance (with support from Mathew Vhere. Watch out for headlining tour dates in the US and Eastern and Western Canada in early 2023, and in the meantime, get to know What Tomorrow Brings better by watching Wood's new documentary below.

What Tomorrow Brings arrives in full on November 4 courtesy of Cordova Bay Records

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