Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy Are Teasing a Tour

The three could join forces for a "Hella Mega Tour"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 9, 2019

Fans of Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy are buzzing at the possibility of all three bands getting together for a triple-bill joint tour.

As Rock Sound reports, the teasing began over the weekend, and also involved actor Rainn Wilson.

The site points to an Instagram post of Wilson's, on which Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tagged Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo with the words "hella mega."

Inquiring minds online soon found their way to a web address,, as well as associated social media accounts of the same name. A visit to the website brings you to a password-protected landing page, complete with a GIF of Wilson as Dwight Schrute from The Office.

This past weekend also saw fans receive a series of T-shirts in the mail, featuring mismatched photos and names of all three bands. Rock Sound reports that the return address on the packages matched the Los Angeles office of Crush Music, a management company that represents the bands.

As for the social media accounts, the @hellamegatour Instagram page featuring Armstrong cleverly hinting at announcement coming tomorrow (September 10).

Armstrong is also sporting a mashup tee of his own, which features Fall Out Boy and Weezer logos alongside the words "hella mega." The clip, archived before the account became protected, can be viewed below.

Of course, stay tuned.

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