Great White's Jack Russell Plots Documentary About Tragic Nightclub Fire

Great White's Jack Russell Plots Documentary About Tragic Nightclub Fire
In the last couple of weeks, the music world has been experiencing a horrible sense of déjà vu due to the horrific venue fire in Bucharest. That incident is sadly reminiscent of a 2003 tragedy in which a Rhode Island gig from hard rockers Great White resulted in a fire that killed 100. Now, Great White frontman Jack Russell has said that he's making a documentary film about the sad event.

The gig took place at the Station nightclub in West Warwick, RI. Much like the recent Goodbye to Gravity show in Romania, the blaze was started when pyrotechnics lit the foam inside of the club on fire. Guitarist Ty Longley was among the dead. The band payed a $1 million settlement to survivors and the families of the victims, while their tour manager and the nightclub owners faced criminal charges.

Russell told Portland's 105.9 The Brew [via the Associated Press], "It's not like I had anything personally to do. It was just a horrible accident. There was a lot of weird things that had to come into play to make that happen."

Regarding his lingering sense of guilt, he said, "Why did I get to live and so many other people didn't? I feel guilty for people coming to see me play and losing their lives. It's really hard to deal with it."

He added that the documentary will "get me some peace."

Evidently many people personally affected by the fire don't want Russell to make the documentary. Jody King, whose brother died in the blaze, said, "If he wants to help, stay away, shut your mouth."

Others have refused to participate in the film. There's no indication as to when or how it will be released.

Meanwhile, the death toll following the recent fire in Bucharest is currently 55, while more people remain in critical condition. Four of the five members of Goodbye to Gravity have died.