Good for Grapes "Faces in the Sand" (video)

Good for Grapes 'Faces in the Sand' (video)
Vancouver roots-rock unit Good for Grapes released their sophomore album The Ropes back in 2015, but they're keeping the momentum behind it rolling with a new video for LP cut "Faces in the Sand."
Following a previously released clip for "Waiting on a Ghost," the band's latest video finds the band pairing the infectiously upbeat jam with a clip that takes a young lady back in time. Exasperated from waiting for her boyfriend to text her back, our tech-obsessed female protagonist goes from taking selfies to getting transported back to 1976 within seconds.
Once there, she swigs from a flask and gets picked up for a night out on the town. When her date ditches her at a groovy '70s house party, she flies further back in time to the 1950s, where she pins the dude's face to a dartboard, lights it on fire and hits an old school diner with her gal pals.
Once back in the modern world, however, she gets the text she was hoping for and things seems to turn out just fine.

The band shared a statement about the video, which reads:

Very blessed to have worked with CMYK on this video for Faces in the Sand. The song teases our human nature, and laments that no matter how quickly things seems to change, we seem to be stuck in our little cycles. Even though our technology and surroundings may evolve quickly, we're quite a bit slower in that regard. Can't tell you how fun it was to watch CMYK visualize that concept, and see them turn my living room into a 70's party scene. My roomies and I end up loving it and haven't really changed the decor since. I'd really love to thank everyone involved, the amazing people at CMYK, and actors, and Artino Ahmadi. Looking forward to working with everyone again in the future.

Follow along through time by watching the video for "Faces in the Sand" below.