Godspeed's Efrim Manuel Menuck Is Back with a "16-Minute Drone Punk Opus"

Lose yourself in his sprawling "BABY IT HAS TO FALL"
Godspeed's Efrim Manuel Menuck Is Back with a '16-Minute Drone Punk Opus'
Once again, Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Thee Silver Mt. Zion hero Efrim Manuel Menuck is branching out with another epic solo track. This one is called "BABY IT HAS TO FALL," and it's described as a "16-minute drone punk opus."

The song comes as part of Constellation Records' recently launched "Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series." It's available now via Bandcamp for PWYC, and the track has been treated to its own set of visuals. You can check out both below.

According to Constellation, "'BABY IT HAS TO FALL' features some of Menuck's most desperate and declarative writing: words of anger, disgust, despair and hope amidst the churn of three oscillators and a broken parlour organ."

As part of the "Corona Borealis" project, the track will be on Bandcamp for a week for PWYC, along with Menuck's previous Constellation digital album discography. All proceeds from all sales go 100 percent to the artist, as part of Constellation's pandemic initiative for immediate artist support.

Efrim Manuel Menuck | "BABY IT HAS TO FALL" from Constellation Records on Vimeo.