Gaz Coombes "Detroit" (video)

Gaz Coombes 'Detroit' (video)
In case you haven't quite run out of the house to pick up a copy of Gaz Coombes' recently released Matador yet, the solo artist has delivered a beautiful, cardio-minded video behind the LP's "Detroit" to give you a little extra motivation. At the very least, the gorgeous clip could get you to tie up your New Balance sneaks and grab some fresh air.

As you'll see down below, the video mostly focuses on a bearded jogger making his way across gravel-lined country roads, past mountains and rivers, and through a lit-up cityscape. Despite all this good-hearted activity, it's suggested at one point that the runner may be a bit of a two-face. Coombes also crops up in the video to sing above the pleasing, electro-acoustic rock song.

You can let the track elevate your heart rate by peeping the video down below.