Fucked Up Treat 'Zanzibar' Score to Vinyl Release

Fucked Up Treat 'Zanzibar' Score to Vinyl Release
Arty hardcore band Fucked Up continue to push the limits of what they can do with each new release. Last month, they teamed up with Tanya Tagaq for a song we called "a half-hour-long aural odyssey." Up next, they're releasing a double-LP score for a silent film.

In 2010, Fucked Up performed a live score for the 1928 silent film West of Zanzibar at Toronto's Images Festival. Between 2011 and 2013, they recorded the score in full and now it's finally available for release.

The double-LP release includes 16 tracks and can be pre-ordered here. The album will be released on April 15.

In addition, Fucked Up will perform their live West of Zanzibar score once again on March 4 at Workman Arts in Toronto. More information on that event is available here, and tickets can be purchased here.


1. Prelude
2. Ashes to Ashes
3. Outdoors
4. Phroso's Prelude
5. Midnight
6. Voodoo
7. Daughter's Theme
8. Lively Dance
9. I'll Tell You My Game
10. You're a Puzzle
11. Miniature Theme
12. Plotting
13. That's Your Daughter
14. Girl Sits
15. Close
16. He's Dead...
17. The Drums
18. Phroso's Theme
19. West of Zanzibar