Forty Seven Teeth 'Forty Seven Teeth' (EP Stream)

Forty Seven Teeth 'Forty Seven Teeth' (EP Stream)
Kingston, ON four-piece Forty Seven Teeth look to capture the hearts of indie lovers and punk rockers alike with their self-titled debut EP, and before it officially arrives, Exclaim! has your first listen right here.

For the unfamiliar, Forty Seven Teeth are made up of guitarists/vocalists Anna Robertson and Dee Prescott, along with drummer Jesse Aylesworth and bassist Joseph Harvey. For their first EP, they've cranked out six tracks, all of which you can now hear below.

In a statement, here's what the band had to saw about the EP:

Forty Seven Teeth's debut EP is written with passion, guilt, fear, and a mess of raw emotions. Fuelled by this tension from within, both musically and lyrically the songs seemed to write themselves.

"Payphone" touches on Dee's struggle with addiction. It wasn't preconceived thing — to write a song about addiction — it just came out. In "Take My Place" and "All the Feels," Anna reflects on her place in the modern social context. She speaks to society — rife with sexism, discrimination, and racism — and explores her struggle to become an ally and acknowledge her privilege. It's not about sitting down and writing the best fucking song ever — it's about sitting down and admitting, "this is how I feel right now and I need to get it out."

Sometimes looking back after time has passed, songs hold new meanings that weren't initially obvious. Anna and Dee open their stream of consciousness and put forth honest, collaborative stories in a haphazard formula that seems to merge into one truth.

Alongside the EP release, Forty Seven Teeth have shared a video for "All the Feels." Directed by Justin Holland, the video is also available at the bottom of the page.

Forty Seven Teeth officially arrives October 14, with the band performing twice the following day. Listeners can find them at Steve's Music (415 Queen Street West) for an in-store session before catching a live set at Sonic Cafe (60 Cecil Street) that evening.

Stream the EP and watch the video for "All the Feels" in the players below.