Former Foo Fighter William Goldsmith Is Still Pissed That Dave Grohl Re-recorded His Drums in 1997

Ex-drummer William Goldsmith says he felt creatively "raped" when Grohl redid his parts on 'The Colour and the Shape'
Former Foo Fighter William Goldsmith Is Still Pissed That Dave Grohl Re-recorded His Drums in 1997
Foo Fighters' 1997 album The Colour and the Shape turns 20 this year, and just in time to mark the milestone, the band's former drummer William Goldsmith is reigniting an old feud.
In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Goldsmith opened up about his lingering anger towards Dave Grohl. The ex-Nirvana drummer and Foos frontman apparently re-recorded the majority of Goldsmith's drum parts on The Colour and the Shape, and the dude is still pretty salty about it.
Goldsmith said he felt creatively "raped" during the two years he played with the band, adding that if he had stayed with the group any longer, it "would have made me feel like my soul was destroyed and I would have likely ended up dead."
Speaking specifically about the recording of the 1997 album, Goldsmith said, "I worked for 13 hours a day for three weeks. I gave everything I could. I couldn't believe at the end of it everything was done and I had got through it."
Soon after he wrapped his studio work, he learned that Grohl was going to re-record a few of the songs. "I don't know if the producer told him to keep going, or what, but the next thing you know all of the work I had done was gone except for one or two of the tracks," Goldsmith said.
To this day, Goldsmith remains only credited on "Doll" and the slow intro to "Up in Arms"; he maintains that his work also appears on the verses to "My Poor Brain," though he's not listed in the credits.

On the 10th anniversary version of the album, Goldsmith's drums are apparently heard on "The Colour and the Shape" and "Down in the Park," though his name does not appear in the credits.
"I would have been cool if it had been half me and half him," Goldsmith admitted. "Or even if there had been some kind of communication about what they were doing. But they basically dragged me through the coals."
Goldsmith has since gone on to play with Sunny Day Real Estate and said he remains friendly with fellow bandmate and current Foo Fighter Nate Mendel, explaining that he "has a different approach to things" than Grohl.
Tension between Goldsmith and Grohl, though, remains unresolved.

"I have been given the impression he feels bad about the way things went," Goldsmith said. "If he feels bad about how things went then why hasn't he tried to get a hold of me? All he would have to do is sit down and talk it out with me."
In the meantime, the current Foos lineup will release their latest LP Concrete and Gold on September 15 via Roswell Records/RCA.