Flying Lotus Plots Feature Film 'Kuso'

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 15, 2016

While Flying Lotus premiered his directorial debut, Royal, over the weekend, there's way more in store for us from the budding filmmaker. A series of tweets from the multi-visionary now explains that short film Royal is actually part of a larger project called Kuso.

As previously reported, FlyLo had unveiled Royal at L.A.'s Sundance NEXT Fest, under the pseudonym of Steve. Attendees at last night's screening (August 14) were given Brainfeeder-brand barf bags, just in case.

Today (August 15), the artist explained over Twitter that the short film is just a piece from the forthcoming feature-length effort Kuso. He explained that shooting for the feature has been taking place throughout the year and is apparently coming along nicely. Music for the film is also in the works. By his estimation, the flick is already "65% finished."

Though few details have been revealed beyond that, his series of posts hint at Kuso including new music from Flying Lotus' Captain Murphy alter ego, and that the soundtrack will also feature work from Aphex Twin, longtime bass collaborator Thundercat, and videogame composer Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill).

FlyLo further noted that he has no financial backing and has been "spending a lot of time begging for favors." He's currently looking for people to help him finish the project, especially film industry types with skills in post-production.

You'll find the series of Kuso-explaining posts down below.

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