Florence and the Machine "St Jude" (video)

Florence and the Machine 'St Jude' (video)
As Florence and the Machine gear up for the June 1 release of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful on Island Records, Florence Welch and her collaborators have shared a video for the cut "St Jude."

The song isn't a towering anthem like many of Florence's best-known tracks. Rather, it's a slow-burning ballad in which Welch solemnly sings about "the patron saint of lost causes" and admits, "Maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos." The accompanying clip plays out entirely in one shot, and we see the singer walking down a rustic street at twilight while soaking wet. There are some traces of modern dance in the performance, which is intriguingly cryptic.

Watch it below. This clip was directed by Vincent Haycock. A description refers to this as "chapter 2 of the How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful odyssey." The first chapter was presumably the prior video for the title track.