Fennesz Teams Up with OZmotic for 'AirEffect' Album

Fennesz Teams Up with OZmotic for 'AirEffect' Album
Ambient electronic explorer Christian Fennesz is taking a trip into the distant future. Joining him on the voyage are Italian electronic duo OZmotic, and the result is the collaborative album AirEffect. It's due out in June on Folk Wisdom.

The album mixes jazz with ancient rhythms, modern electronic music and experimentalism. Resident Advisor notes that it was made in June of 2013 and incorporates field recordings made in OZmotic's hometown of Turin.

Conceptually, the album alludes to a post-human future. The official description of the project reads:

The discovery of a 'black box' lost in the Anthropocene era brings back to life extinct sounds, images of places in the middle of nowhere, voices of daily life, and excerpts of conversations.

The experience of an observer, who from an indeterminate future finds evidence of a multimedia human kind, develops along the trails which it leaves behind itself through multiple different supports and codes. The post-modern human kind is laid bare by apparently disconnected flashbacks which reveal the inappropriateness of a technologically advanced human species, yet one unable to live with itself and with the world hosting it.

The 55-minute album was inspired by the "post-atomic imaginary seen in Chris Marker's short film La Jetée," and it flows as one continuous piece of music.

Below, watch a video for the project that places abstract images atop a jazzy, sax-heavy soundscape. Also below, listen to a 13-minute promotional preview of the album.