Failure "Mulholland Drive"

Failure 'Mulholland Drive'
Making up for lost time, Failure have loaded up their forthcoming The Heart Is a Monster LP, their first in nearly 20 years, with 18 new tunes. A particularly spacey balled called "Mulholland Drive" is orbiting into our ears ahead of the album's June 30 street date via INgrooves imprint INresidence. You can sample it online right now.

The track has a definite Pink Floyd bent to it and plays equal measures delightful and disturbing. Though it's dappled in shimmering piano tones, there's a weariness to the vocals that hint at the song not being as relaxed as it sounds. After all, the track begins with the downer line, "This world is a crying shame."

You can hear the band tapping into the shadier side of their sonic personality by streaming the moody ballad down below.