µ-Ziq Gets Back to the Bangers with "Hyper Daddy"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 18, 2024

Free your mind from the pretentiousness of "IDM" and embrace the "weird bangers" of Grush, Mike Paradinas's forthcoming new album as µ-Ziq, arriving June 14 via his Planet Mu label. Characterized as a back-to-basics record for the veteran producer, its 14 songs were reportedly informed and inspired by the live environment, and the euphoric "Hyper Daddy" is raring to go with its racing jungle drums, nimble synths and twinkling pianos.

Paradinas's latest comes complete with an equally exhilarating video courtesy of touring partner and visual collaborator ID:Mora (Jan Moravec). In it, the two become Expert Knob Twiddlers as airplane pilots. In this wonky rendered world, they master the art of the barrel roll, keep a cat co-pilot, get fed sushi, coffee and cake by the flight attendants, and manage to make an emergency landing in a wavy digital ocean when the wild, warped air travel adventure goes sideways. We absolutely can't confirm this, but the aircraft was probably from Boeing.


(Planet Mu)

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