EMI To Treat Radiohead's First Three Albums To Deluxe Reissues

EMI To Treat Radiohead's First Three Albums To Deluxe Reissues
In yet another attempt to shamelessly cash in on Radiohead's past success, EMI/Capitol has announced plans to release the band's first three album as expanded reissues. On March 24, Pablo Honey, The Bends and OK Computer will all be up for grabs as Special Collectors Edition two-CD sets containing two CDs and one DVD, a move we're betting Thom Yorke and company can't be that thrilled about.

Word of the album reissues follows recent news that 12 old Radiohead singles will be arriving on vinyl April 21 from the band's former major label home, which the band left in 2007 and not on the best of terms.

According to Billboard, the expanded Pablo Honey will include the 1992 Drill EP, the "Creep" single and a four-song BBC session from June 1992, among other rarities. The DVD will contain four videos, a Top of the Pops appearance and nine songs taped in May 1994 at the Astoria in London.

The Bends will be packaged with the "My Iron Lung" single, a 1994 BBC session and additional live tracks from the Astoria concert. OK Computer will come equipped with a four-song BBC session from 1997 and the singles for "Paranoid Android," "Karma Police" and "No Surprises."

There's no word what the DVDs will hold for these latter two albums and no firm tacklists have been announced. However, we do know that all these tracks are previously released, so if you're hardcore you probably have all this stuff already.

Along with these upcoming reissues, since 2007 EMI/Capital has put out - and likely made a lot of money on - a Radiohead box set, the Best Of disc and a barrage of vinyl re-releases. Despite all this, Radiohead are still likely fitter, happier people now that they're free from the label's greedy clutches, not to mention its increasingly dismal financial outlook.

Radiohead "No Surprises"