Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt Explores 'Tragedy & Geometry' on New Kranky Solo LP

Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt Explores 'Tragedy & Geometry' on New Kranky Solo LP
Since kosmische-influenced trio Emeralds released their breakthrough album Does It Look Like I'm Here? in 2010, band members John Elliott and Mark McGuire have been cranking out a steady stream of solo albums and new projects. Steve Hauschildt, however, has kept a relatively low profile. Now, he's finally ready to release a much-anticipated official full-length.

Entitled Tragedy & Geometry, the 14-track offering will drop on November 14 via Kranky. It's sure to appeal to fans of Hauschildt's main gig, since a press release notes that "the album has much of the same cosmic ambience that defines Emeralds' trademark sound."

It's no wonder that it took Hauschildt so long to complete, since Tragedy & Geometry finds him "touching on a number of lofty themes: the title is a reference to the Greek mythological figures Melpomene and Polyhymnia (muses of tragedy and geometry), and the first track is a nod to 'Polyhymnia, Muse of Eloquence,' a painting by the French artist Charles Meynier that can be seen in Hauschildt's hometown at the Cleveland Museum of Art."

Check out the tracklist below and the cover above. And as always, stay tuned for more releases from the prolific Emeralds camp.

Tragedy & Geometry:

1. "Polyhymnia"
2. "Batteries May Drain"
3. "Cupid's Dart"
4. "Already Replaced"
5. "Peroxide"
6. "Arche"
7. "Music for a Moire Pattern"
8. "Blue Marlin"
9. "The Impossible Flower"
10. "Too Short a Season"
11. "Allegiance"
12. "Tragedy & Geometry"
13. "Overnight Venusian"
14. "Stare Into Space"