Emeralds Return on Bandcamp with Remastered Reissues

The trio have shared some studio albums, EPs, rarities and more
Emeralds Return on Bandcamp with Remastered Reissues
Though they called it quits in 2013, American electronic outfit Emeralds have returned on Bandcamp, sharing plenty of remastered, reissued material.
Through a newly-launched profile today, the trio of John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire have presently shared eight different digital releases, in addition to a 7-inch bundle celebrating the anniversary of 2010's Does It Look Like I'm Here?

Titles now available on Bandcamp include the band's self-titled sophomore LP from 2009, follow-up What Happened, 2009 7-inch Fresh Air, CD-R single No More Spirits over the Lake, cassettes Grass Ceiling, Allegory of Allergies and Planetarium, and brand new live set Live II.

Elliott announced the launch earlier this week on Twitter. He shared that the group will continue to "slowly drop titles every so often," adding that Emeralds "have plenty in the vaults."

"Nearly all of the music has been remastered by [Hauschildt], and it definitely breathes some new life into some of these older cassette and CD-R releases," Elliott wrote. "We wanted to make sure this would be worthwhile as most of the Emeralds catalog has never been available digitally."

Elliott added that the band's music will also soon receive a wider release on streaming services, and hinted that "more Emeralds activity" will be announced soon. Today has also seen him offer reflections on each of the Bandcamp inclusions, which you can find below.

Today, Bandcamp has waived its revenue share for a 24-hour period to ensure artists keep 100 percent of sales proceeds. You can view Emeralds' current offerings through their Bandcamp profile.

Hauschildt released solo album Nonlin last year. This past April, Elliott reissued his Imaginary Softwoods album Annual Flowers in Color.