Duff McKagan's Loaded Prep New Album for Century Media

Duff McKagan's Loaded Prep New Album for Century Media
You can't keep a good man down. Or Duff McKagan, for that matter. Despite the demise of his last high-profile venture, Velvet Revolver, the former Guns N' Roses bassist plugs on, this time reviving former occasional endeavour Loaded, er, Duff McKagan's Loaded, actually.

However, unlike previous missions with the rock'n'roll outfit, which have operated in spits and spurts since 1999, this time McKagan seems pretty serious. They've finally followed-up sophomore 2001 opus Dark Days with a tertiary effort called Sick, due out on Century Media Records this coming April.

Recorded by Martin Feveyear (Presidents Of The United States Of America, Kings Of Leon), Sick features main songwriter McKagan on guitar and vocals, and supported by what seems to be their most reliable roster yet: drummer Geoff Reading (New American Shame, Green Apple Quickstep), bassist Jeff Rouse and guitarist Mike Squires (both formerly of Alien Crime Syndicate).

"Well now... a new year is here and with it will come the release of Loaded's first full-length Century Media release, Sick, this spring," notes McKagan eloquently in the official press release. "We spent the last part of '08 finishing up the record, as well as playing a few gigs around our hometown of Seattle." Apparently they also managed a UK tour, which has been edited into a webisode available on the band's MySpace. Let's hope Sick has the same savvy and craftsmanship of McKagan's 1993 solo album, Believe In Me.

Duff McKagan's Loaded "No More"